Victoria’s Historic Sites Guide Book


Inside the digital pages, you will find detailed information for over 30 locations/attractions in and around Victoria one should not miss out on.

The guidebook is divided into 3 sections: A brief history of Victoria; Famous Landmarks and Heritage Sites in the Downtown Core; and, Famous Landmarks and Historic Sites Outside the Downtown Core.

The e-book is a PDF downloadable file.


Would you enjoy learning more about the sites of interest in Victoria, BC?  Are you a tourist hoping to see those must-see attractions found in BC’s capital city? Do you consider yourself a lover of history? Do you love a good ghost story?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Victoria’s Historic Sites is perfect for you!

Extensively researched, this e-book dives deep into the past of Victoria’s most iconic and famous sites; most of which were built in the mid-19th century.

The e-book can be used as both a learning tool as well as a tour guide to Victoria’s must-see attractions.

So, whether you are a local who thinks you can’t possibly learn any more about your hometown, or someone who enjoys visiting this beautiful city, get Victoria’s Historic Sites e-book today!


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