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Wishing to spot some sea life while on Vancouver Island? This area is the best spot for viewing sea lions on Vancouver Island!

UPDATE (December 2019)

The Sea Lions have moved on from the location mentioned below. There is a rumour that they may be still in their pack and now located across from the French Creek Marina. Once I get confirmation about this, I will officially rewrite this article with the new information.

While reading a local magazine, I happened to come across an article about the California Sea Lions currently ‘stationed’ in Fanny Bay.  Further research revealed this particular area is the best spot to view sea lions on Vancouver Island!

Although my first inclination was to wait until the weekend so that we could go as a whole family, hubby included, after looking at the dismal weather report for Saturday and Sunday, I thought to myself “why not right now”!?.

After packing some essential snacks, and setting the tunes to our favourite driving songs, the kids and I were ready for our mini road trip to Fanny Bay.

During the drive along the inland highway there was a bit of doubt running through my mind that the Sea Lions would still be there. For although the magazine was current, who really knows how long they stay in a particular area?

Thankfully our excitement and eagerness to see the big beasts up close was warranted!

The gravel parking area is easily found to the right of the Government Wharf, just off the main highway.

As soon as the car engine is turned off you can hear their unique bark. Open the door and you will smell their pungent aroma. Walk to the end of the wharf and you will be in for quite a sight!

A rather large colony of Sea Lions hang out on the man-made floats just off the end of the Government Wharf. Each winter they amass in great anticipation of the spawning herring, which happens in February. However they are obviously quite at home in Fanny Bay, for I later learned that Sea Lions can be spotted here at almost any time of year.

It is not unusual for Sea Lions to sleep 8 to 12 hours at a time. They are binge feeders, eating all they can when food is plentiful, and then rest for long periods of time. This is why you will most often see them lazing on the pontoons, rather than swimming in the water.

My daughter commented on their smell. My son held his hands over his ears at their loud bark. I, however, was awestruck by the sight of them lazing in the faint Spring sunlight looking like a pile of fat kings. I made another mental tick to the ever-growing list of why I LOVE living on Vancouver Island!

A Little More About Fanny Bay

Located on the Eastern most coast of Vancouver Island between Parksville and Courtney (on Hwy 19A – or the “Oceanside Route”), Fanny Bay is a sleepy little village more known for the delicious oysters that come out of the waters of Baynes Sound. But if you too are looking to take in the wonders of California and Stellar Sea Lions, this is the place to do it!

If you want to make your trek to Fanny Bay really worth while, head a bit further south to the Deep Bay Marine Field Station. They offer public tours, and it is a great place for family fun, and hands-on exhibits of marine life found in Baynes Sound and the Salish Sea.

Where do you think the best spot is to view sea lions on Vancouver Island? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wishing to spot some sea life while on Vancouver Island? This is the best spot for viewing sea lions on Vancouver Island!