Enjoy a hands-on experience at Tiger Lily Farm in Errington. If your children love animals, this is the place to be! There is so much to see and do while at this family-owned and operated hobby farm that hours just slip away.

Tiger Lily Farm goat

The Barnyard

Your children will love getting up close and personal with the animals. They are welcome to enter the pens and pet and/or snuggle baby goats, chicks, sheep, bunnies, and calves. The farm also has a llama, donkey, adult goats, horses, chickens, ducks and pigs to view.

Milking and Feeding

Have you ever tried milking a goat?

Goat milking takes place every hour (on the half-hour) starting at 10:30 AM, and you are welcome (and encouraged) to participate.

You’ll also have the opportunity to help hold the bottle for the goats and/or calf at feeding time.  If nothing else, make sure to stay and watch how it’s done. It’s quite a comical sight watching the ferocity at which the animals feed.

Staff will announce when it is time to do any of the above activities, so it’s not likely that you’ll miss out.

On your own time, you are also welcome to help collect eggs from the chicken coops. Baskets for egg collecting can be found inside the barn.

Pony Rides

The most popular activity among small visitors of the farm are the pony rides. Included in the price of admission is one free pony ride around the outdoor track. So make sure to take in this experience before you go! Helmets are supplied and must be worn. If one pony ride isn’t enough for your child, additional rides can be purchased.

Horseback riding at Tiger Lily Farm

Trail Rides

Tiger Lily Farm also offers trail rides (at an additional cost) for those wishing to ride for a bit longer. There is everything from a half-hour ride up to a three-hour excursion, so the choice is yours. The trail rides do, however, have to be pre-booked.

Trail riders must be at least 10 years old, and be physically able-bodied.  All Riders under 19 years of age must wear an approved riding helmet, which you can borrow from the farm. As well, all riders must wear boots with a small heel 1/2″ – 2″, or bring socks and borrow a pair from the farm.

If it happens to be wet during your ride, rain slickers are also available by request.

Riding Lessons

For those wishing to learn how to ride, Tiger Lily Farm offers Western Riding Lessons. You are welcome to bring your own horse or ride one of the farm’s ponies or horses.

Riding lessons are for anyone ages 6 and up.

Tiger Lily Cake

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties held at Tiger Lily Farm are pretty impressive. We have been to quite a few (and have hosted a few of our own there too), and it’s always a great time. If you are contemplating hosting a birthday party at the farm, I suggest buying the Complete Barnyard Party Package. It is a stress-free, easy way of doing a party. Everything is supplied and taken care of by the staff, even the cake! And I dare say it’s one of the best birthday cakes I have ever tasted.

More information about their birthday party packages can be found in the article entitled: Birthday Party Location Ideas for Central Vancouver Island.

Location and Hours of Operation

Tiger Lily Farm is located at 1692 Errington Road. They are open every day of the week from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Don’t Forget!

  • Bring water and a hat – it can get hot out on the farm
  • If it is raining, wear your boots
  • You will most likely be there a while, so make sure to bring a snack or lunch
  • If there isn’t a birthday party happening while at the farm, utilize the covered picnic area for some much-needed shade (and rest) – there is also a small playground situated right next to it.
  • Bring your camera

Most importantly, have fun!

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Tiger Lily Farm, it is sure to be a great day.

In the comments below, let me know how you like to spend your time at Tiger Lily Farm! 

*All information and prices mentioned were updated July 2019 but could change at any time. If in doubt, please visit the website of Tiger Lily Farm.

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  3. Inga gerard Reply

    Such a wonderfull place.Its my 4 year old grandaughters wish to go to Tiger Lily farm she call that her special treat.Being able to watch children pick up pet and hug the animals is so special,and also to gather eggs.Love the place.

    • Kim Reply

      That is so sweet. I sure hope your granddaughter gets a chance to go!

  4. Hi Kim,

    Definitely one of my daughters favourite place to go. They can spend hours there. Last time we went was to celebrate my youngest daughter 3rd BD.


    • Kim Reply

      It is definitely a great place for kids…especially those celebrating birthday’s!

  5. Tiger Lily was opened long after I left the area. I am bringing my family back in August and would love to bring them there. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Kim Reply

      If you do, I am sure your family will love it. Good luck in the giveaway!

  6. Arctic Apple Reply

    As we’ve recently moved here, we’ve not had the chance to go to Tiger Lily Farms yet. It will be put on the list of things to do when our grandchildren visit. Thanks for the tips

    • Kim Reply

      Wonderful! I am sure they will love it. I am so glad I inspired you to check it out.

  7. My little guy have his Birthday party there when he was 3 and 5 years old. What’s not to like? Pony ride, playing with the animals, milking the goats, gathering eggs…by the time you’re ready for the cake kids are nowhere to be found. Oh I just love it.

    • Kim Reply

      It really is such a great place to hold a birthday party.

  8. Jessica Wotten Reply

    We love Tiger Lily Farm! Pony rides, stamping our “books” and checking in on all the animals makes for a fun filled day! Thanks for the chance!

    • Kim Reply

      Oh, I forgot to mention the stamping of the books. Thank you for reminding me of that!

  9. Love this place! Kids ask all the time when they can revisit their farm friends.

    Can get really busy there.

    • Forgot to mention how tidy it was for a barnyard!
      Also a few of the workers are amazing with info and very kids friendly!

      • Kim

        Yes, I totally agree. Staff are great, and as far as barnyards go, it is definitely tidy. And yes, it is a popular spot, so does tend to be busy – especially on the weekends (due to so many birthday parties).

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