Fossli Provincial Park

F – G Provincial Parks

Fillongley PP: This beautiful 26-hectare park on Denman Island provides 10 oceanside campsites along with an estuary, a salmon spawning stream and an old-growth forest. Beach combing, swimming and kayaking are all popular activities at this park.

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites (NP): At this National Historic Site near Victoria, one can view the oldest lighthouse on Canada’s West Coast. You can also tour through secret bunkers, military command posts and original 19th-century buildings at Fort Rodd Hill. The area also protects a restored Garry oak meadow. And yes, you can camp here too in their outdoor oTENTik’s!

Fossli PP: This breathtaking 52-hectare day-use park is one of Port Alberni’s hidden gems. With crystal clear creeks, moss-covered rocks and a lush forest, walking in this park makes you feel like you are in another world.

French Beach PP: This beautiful beach on the scenic Strait of Juan de Fuca is the ideal spot to explore. In the spring and fall, it’s a popular location to watch for migrating Gray whales. The 55-hectare park offers 69 year-round vehicle-accessible camping sites.

Gabriola Sands PP: Located on the north end of Gabriola, this picturesque 6-hectare day-use park features two sandy beaches and large manicured lawns. Swimming, picnicking and field games are popular activities at this park.

Goldstream PP: This popular 477-hectare park near Victoria offers an old-growth forest, two large waterfalls and a beautiful stream that’s the site of the annual salmon run in the fall. Goldstream offers plenty of vehicle-accessible campsites and two large group sites.

Gordon Bay PP: This sought-after campground on Lake Cowichan is in an area that boasts some of the highest annual temperatures in Canada. This 104-hectare park is an ideal location for swimming, boating, and freshwater fishing.

Gowlland Tod PP: This 1,280-hectare day-use park near Victoria offers more than 25 km of hiking trails in varying degrees of difficulty. The park encompasses nearly the entire east side of the Saanich Inlet and protects one of Greater Victoria’s last remaining natural areas.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (NP): 15 islands and over 30 islets make up this National Park Reserve, totalling approximately 3,700-hectares. Many of the parks found within this area were former Provincial Parks prior to the National Park status. Frontcountry, backcountry and overnight boat camping are available on several of the islands. Visitors also love to kayak, view wildlife, hike or visit the islands via day trips by boat.

Provincial Marine Parks only Accessible by Boat

Flores Island PP: This remote 7,113-hectare park and small island located off the west coast is home to a population of wolves. Visitors enjoy wilderness hiking, whale watching, kayaking, fishing and beach camping. This island is only accessible by boat.

Gibson PMP: Situated adjacent to Flores Island on the west coast, this 143-hectare park offers sheltered anchorage, sandy beaches, and natural warm springs.

God’s Pocket PMP: Home to a group of small islands just off Port Hardy, this 2,036-hectare park provides some of the best scuba diving on Vancouver Island. There is sheltered anchorage available, and the area offers plenty of opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing.

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

H – J Provincial Parks

Helliwell PP: This oceanside hiking destination and 2,872-hectare park is found on Hornby Island. As you walk along the cliffside and through a small stand of old-growth Douglas fir, you are greeted with beautiful ocean views.

Hemer PP: Located in Cedar on Holden Lake (South Nanaimo area), this forested 109-hectare park is a popular walking destination. Viewing platforms over the marshy areas provides opportunities to see Trumpeter swans, various ducks, and other marsh birds. Beavers have also been spotted in the area.

Horne Lake Caves PP: Located near Qualicum Beach, this 158-hectare park provides access to the underground world through guided and self-guided caving tours. Above ground, visitors can find beautiful forested trails, an interpretive trail and a suspension bridge.

John Dean PP: This 174-hectare park is located at the top of Mount Newton on the Saanich Peninsula. The area is a popular hiking destination, as it features a stand of old-growth forest and some of the largest Douglas fir trees in the area.

Juan de Fuca PP: Situated on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, this popular 1,528-hectare park offers wild and scenic hiking and camping opportunities. China Beach campground and day-use area, the 47 km Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, and world-renowned Botanical Beach are all found in this park.

Boat Accessible Only Parks

Ha’thayim (Von Donop) PMP: This undeveloped wilderness marine park totalling 1,277-hectares is found on the northwestern tip of Cortes Island. It offers several secure and sheltered anchorages for boaters. And once onshore, remote lakes, estuaries, an old-growth forest, and a saltwater lagoon can all be found.

Hesquiat Lake PP: Located on the west coast in Clayoquot Sound, this extremely remote park is only accessible by boat or floatplane. The 62-hectare park protects a mature forest of hemlock, red cedar and pine trees. As this area is so difficult to access, very few people visit this park, and it remains completely undeveloped and unspoiled.

Hesquiat Peninsula PP: This 7,888-hectare park encompasses most of the eastern shore of Nootka Sound. The area is adjacent to Cougar Annie’s Garden, a heritage garden and attraction one can visit via a guided tour. This park is only accessible by boat or floatplane.

Jedediah Island PMP: Located between Lasqueti Island and Texada, this small island and 603-hectare park is a popular boating and kayaking destination. The many secluded bays and coves offer safe anchorage and beach camping opportunities.

Little Qualicum Falls PP. Vancouver Island View
Little Qualicum Provincial Park

K – L Provincial Parks

Kennedy Lake PP: This popular 241-hectare day-use park is found en route to Tofino and Ucluelet. Kennedy Lake is the largest lake on Vancouver Island and is a popular spot for boaters, paddlers, windsurfing and swimming.

Kin Beach PP: This popular park in Comox features a small campground, scenic rocky beach, playground, large playing field and a picnic area with BBQ pits. This 6-hectare park is managed by the local community board and offers affordable campsites.

Kitty Coleman PP: This 10-hectare park in Courtenay features a large oceanfront campground and is a popular destination for swimming, fishing, and boating. RV, tenting and group campsites are all available here.

Koksilah River PP: Located on the west side of Shawnigan Lake, this 230-hectare day-use park offers rustic hiking trails, fishing and a few swimming opportunities (although there are no designated swimming spots).

Lasqueti Island ER: This 201-hectare Ecological Reserve protects a shoreline forest of one of the largest populations of seaside junipers in BC. You can find this ER on the south shore of Lasqueti Island.

Lawn Point PP: This extremely remote 594-hectare park in the Quatsino Sound area is difficult to access. However, sea kayakers use it as a wilderness camping spot before exploring Brooks Peninsula. The park is also accessible by land near Port Alice via a series of rough logging roads.

Little Qualicum Falls PP: Located near Qualicum Beach, this 440-hectare park offers camping opportunities, beautiful forested and well-maintained trails, and a stunning waterfall. The upper and lower campgrounds provide plenty of vehicle-accessible camping opportunities.

Loveland Bay PP: Located on Lower Campbell Lake near Campbell River, this popular 30-hectare park provides beautiful rustic camping. Campbell Lake is a wonderful spot to swim, boat, waterski, and fish.

Lower Nimpkish PP: Located approximately 5 km south of Port McNeill, this 200-hectare undeveloped wilderness park helps to protect important Bald eagle and Marbled Murrelet nesting sites. The Marbled Murrelet is a small seabird that nests in old-growth forests and is a threatened species.

Lower Tsitka River PP: This extremely remote black bear and salmon habitat area is located 20 km east of Woss. Very few people visit this 3,745-hectare park, as it’s only accessible via rough and unmarked logging roads.

Boat Only Parks

Kennedy River Bog PP: This small 11-hectare park sits adjacent to the bank of the Kennedy River on the west coast. It’s a wonderful area to bird-watch. There are no developed trails to this park, so the only way to access it is via Kennedy Lake. The closest launching area for canoes and kayaks is at the Kennedy River bridge.

Lanz and Cox Islands PP: Situated north of Cape Scott, these extremely remote islands totalling an area of 5,556-hectares, were set aside to protect important seabird nesting colonies. These islands can experience extreme weather conditions at any time of the year, making them difficult to access. As well, the rugged coastline and steep slopes make landing onshore near impossible.

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