Maquinna Provincial Marine Park near Tofino. Vancouver Island View
Maquinna Provincial Marine Park

M – Provincial & Marine Parks

MacMillan PP (Cathedral Grove): Located 25 km west of Qualicum Beach, this popular 301-hectare day-use park provides beautiful walking trails through an old-growth forest.

Main Lake PP: This 3,530-hectare park on Quadra Island encompasses six lakes that offer incredible canoeing, kayaking, and wilderness lakeside camping opportunities. Small boats with electric motors are also allowed on a few of the lakes.

Mansons Landing PP: Located on Cortes Island, this 100-hectare park offers freshwater swimming in Hague Lake, as well as marine access via Manson Bay.

Marble River PP: This northern Vancouver Island 1,419-hectare park is located approximately 15 km north of Port Alice. The area provides wilderness hiking, wildlife viewing opportunities, and fishing.

Miracle Beach PP: This popular 137-hectare park in the Comox Valley offers 193 spacious and private campsites and a beautiful sandy beach.

Montague Harbour PMP: Located on Galiano Island, this 102-hectare park offers scenic vehicle-accessible and walk-in campsites, as well as 35 buoys in the sheltered Montague Harbour accessible to boaters.

Morden Colliery Historic PP: Located near Nanaimo, this 4-hectare day-use park contains the only remaining coal tipple on the Island. Short trails run through the park and lead to the Nanaimo River.

Morton Lake PP: Located near Campbell River, this 74-hectare park offers lake-front camping, a boat launch, fishing opportunities, and a short hiking trail to nearby Andrew Lake.

Mount Geoffrey Escarpment PP: Located on Hornby Island, this 187-hectare park offers hiking and mountain biking opportunities, all with spectacular views.

Mount Maxwell PP: This 231-hectare park on Salt Spring Island offers visitors incredible hiking opportunities that lead to superb views of Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands.

Mount Tzuhalem ER: Located near Duncan, this small 18-hectare Ecological Reserve is an incredible location to view and photograph rare wildflowers in the spring.

Boat Only Parks

Maquinna PMP (Hot Springs Cove): Located near Tofino, this boat-accessible 2,667-hectare park offers warm natural springs and a beautiful walk along a boardwalk trail.

Memory Island PP: At 0.915-hectares, this small island located on Shawnigan Lake is also one of BC’s smallest parks. And yet, it’s a sanctuary and habitat for various small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, plants and fungi. Memory Island is accessible by boat (both motorized and unmotorized) from various points on Shawnigan Lake.

Mitlenatch Island Nature PP: Located east of Black Creek, this 155-hectare park is home to the largest seabird colony in the Strait of Georgia. Due to the sensitive bird habitat, most of the island is closed to the public. However, the area offers excellent opportunities for boaters to observe and photograph a variety of birds.

MquqWin / Brooks Peninsula PP: Located on northwest Vancouver Island, this beautiful area totalling 39,936-hectares offers shelter, sandy beaches, hiking, and wilderness experiences.

Octopus Islands Provincial Marine Park. Vancouver Island View
Octopus Islands

N – Q Provincial Parks

Nimpkish Lake PP: Located 32 km south of Port McNeill, this large 3,950-hectare park protects an old-growth coastal western Hemlock forest. The easiest access is by boat from Nimpkish Lake or via moderate to strenuous hiking found off nearby logging roads.

Nitinat River PP: This 160-hectare scenic park has no developed day-use or camping facilities; however, the area provides great fishing opportunities. The park can be reached by logging roads from Port Alberni, Cowichan Lake and Port Renfrew.

Pacific Rim NP – Located on the west coast between Ucluelet and Tofino, this large National Park, totalling 51,100-hectares, is known worldwide. The park encompasses Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the ever-popular 75-km West Coast Trail. Surfing, beachcombing, tide pool exploration, paddling, and hiking are all popular activities within the park. Camping is also available at Green Point Campground.

Petroglyph PP: At this Nanaimo PP, you can find the most concentrated collection of rock art on Vancouver Island. It’s a small 2-hectare park that offers a treasure hunt of sorts to its visitors.  

Quatsino PP: Located on northern Vancouver Island, the easiest access to this 654-hectare undeveloped park is by boat; however, it can also be accessed by active logging roads. Kayakers sometimes stop overnight here, but there are no designated camping spots nor facilities of any kind. There is vehicle-accessible camping found at nearby Koprino Harbour, operated by Western Forest Products Ltd.

Boat Only

Newcastle Island PMP (Saysutshun): A 10-minute boat ride from Nanaimo brings you to this small island and 363-hectare park full of rich history and culture. Visitors can choose to hike, picnic, and/or camp at one of the 18 designated sites.

Nuchatlitz PP: This 2,105-hectare park encompasses the northwestern tip of Nootka Island and a large number of smaller islands surrounding it. The maze of islets and reefs provides picturesque views for boaters and kayakers and wilderness camping opportunities.

Octopus Islands PMP: This stunning 762-hectare park near Quadra Island offers sheltered anchorage and a haven for boaters.

Pirates Cove PMP: This boat-accessible park on De Courcy Island protects a beautiful natural environment visitors love. Recreational activities at this 31-hectare park include kayaking, camping, hiking, swimming, beach exploration and even wildlife viewing.

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park
Rathtrevor Beach

R – Provincial and Marine Parks found on or near Vancouver Island

Raft Cove PP: This remote and rustic 787-hectare park near Cape Scott offers visitors a gorgeous sandy bay and wilderness camping on the beach.

Rathtrevor PP: This top-rated 347-hectare park in Parksville is a family-favourite camping destination. The wide sandy beach offers warm ocean swimming in shallow water.

Rebecca Spit PMP: This popular 177-hectare day-use park on Quadra Island is used for beach exploration, walking trails, kayaking, swimming and picnicking.

Roberts Memorial PP: Located in Yellowpoint, this 14-hectare day-use park features a 1 km trail through a mature forest to a unique sandstone shoreline.

Rosewall Creek PP: This 54-hectare park near Qualicum Beach, protects an important area for wintering waterfowl. It also provides access to beautiful Rosewall Creek Falls.

Ruckle PP: This 529-hectare park on Salt Spring Island is said to be one of the most beautiful parks in the southern Gulf Islands. The park offers both vehicle-accessible and tent camping sites and a plethora of nature activity opportunities.

Boat Access Only Parks

Read Island PP: Located among the Quadra Island group, this 637-hectare park protects an important high-density bald eagle habitat. It’s also a great place to spot seals and sea lions.

Rendezvous Island South PP: Located in the heart of the Discovery Islands, this 163-hectare park encompasses the Rendezvous Island group found on the east side of Read Island (above).

Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) ER: This 1,715-hectare Ecological Reserve near Telegraph Cove was established to provide a sanctuary for killer whales. The area provides unique opportunities for whale research.

Rugged Point PMP: This 349-hectare park is located on the west coast in Kyuquot Sound. The stunning shoreline, protected beaches, and sheltered anchorages make it a popular spot to visit among kayakers and boaters.

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