Yearly Membership to Vancouver Island View

For a detailed description of what our membership is about, read this: Membership Overview

Who’s the Yearly Membership For?

  • Those who love exploring areas of Vancouver Island that are less known and off the beaten track.
  • Anyone who enjoys the thrill of finding hidden gems
  • Those that like clear directions and detailed information about where they are going
  • Anyone who wants easy and readily available information without having to jump through hoops to find

What’s the Cost?

The cost for a yearly membership is only $16.00!

That works out to only $1.33 per month.


If you’d rather just pay for your membership by the month please check out our Monthly Subscription Service

To pay by e-transfer, please send payment to… ([email protected]). Payment must be sent within 24 hours or your membership will be deleted!

*A valid mailing address is required for giveaway purposes.



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