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hidden gems and secret spots of Vancouver Island


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The articles shared on the membership page showcase all those amazing secret spots and hidden gems found on Vancouver Island!

Each month at least one new hidden gem is revealed and added to our already impressive database…a database that’s only accessible to paying members.

Once revealed, the hidden gem stays on the membership page for you to view whenever you like as long as you have an active subscription.

For a sneak peek at what type of articles are on the membership side of the website, click here: Hidden Gems & Secret Spots


Who’s the Membership for?

Anyone who loves exploring areas of Vancouver Island that are less known and off the beaten track.

It’s like having a guidebook at your fingertips showcasing the less touristy locations…but even better! For, unlike an ebook or paperback where information is static, this “guidebook” is frequently updated!


What’s the Cost?

You have the choice of paying only $5.00 per month with the option of cancelling at any point; OR, pay annually at a much lower rate.

Annual memberships are only $16.00 per year. Which works out to only $1.33 per month!!

Annual memberships also have a few extra perks.

See below for a comparison of the two.


$5 for 1 month
This option is perfect for tourists who only want access to hidden gems while visiting
Or for those who wish to give our membership services a try before committing to a full year
Or for those who only want access to a particular article
Cancel at any time
Yearly Membership
$16 / Year
In depth guides to the remote areas of Vancouver Island
At least one new hidden gem or secret spot revealed each month
Huge savings compared to a monthly membership
Awesome giveaways and/or exclusive coupons to local businesses
No ads!! When you log in and read an article on the member page, there will be NO annoying ads!
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