The beautiful Kitsuksis Creek in Port Alberni offers great visual appeal on its own. However, add to that an impressive railway trestle and waterfall to the walk and you get the ultimate combination.

Quick Facts

  • Trail Features: Waterfall; Creek; Trestle
  • Length: 3.4 km loop trail
  • Elevation Gain: 79 meters
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Hazards: Bears in the area
  • Suitability: Everyone; the paved portion of the trail is perfect for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Bike Trails: Yes
Kitsuksis Creek in Port Alberni. Vancouver Island View

Kitsuksis Creek

Your journey to the trestle and waterfall is going to start on the Kitsuksis Creek dyke. This paved walkway on both sides of the creek is one of Port Alberni’s more popular urban paths.

There are many amenities along this path, including play parks and fields, picnic areas, benches to rest at, and even washrooms. It’s also a popular spot for walking your dog. And if your pooch has some pent up energy, there is an off-leash area located in the former baseball field adjacent to Beaver Creek Road. To get to the dog park you’ll head right on the paved path, instead of left towards the trestle and waterfall.

The 2.5 km paved portion of the loop is flat and wide and very easy to walk on. The paved walkway passes through two parks: Blair Park, which has a playground and spray park; and, beautiful Spencer Park. While you are walking, keep on the lookout for ducks, fish during migration and black bears. (We saw a TON of bear scat on the path, but no bears).

The trestle and waterfall are found at the end of this paved path (or middle, depending on how you look at it).

Kitsuksis Creek trestle and waterfall walk in Port Alberni. Vancouver Island View

Getting to Kitsuksis Dyke Trail

Once in Port Alberni, proceed to the T-junction (traffic light at the bottom of the Alberni Hwy) as if you are heading towards Tofino.

Turn right onto Beaver Creek Road just before the Petro Can. Park in the Beaver Creek boat launch parking lot.

Follow the path towards the dyke and head left down the walkway (heading right will take you to the off-leash dog park). You can also cross the bridge and get to the same spot on that side of the creek. In fact, heading across the bridge is a quicker route to the trestle and waterfall, if you are not interested in making the full 3.4 km loop.

Kitsuksis Creek trestle

Finding the Trestle and Waterfall

You will be following the creek upstream. When you get to Spencer park near the end of the paved path (or middle if you are making the full loop), please watch for a sign in the trees that directs you to the trestle and waterfall. Follow the dirt path into the forest for a short distance and you’ll arrive at your destination.

Once you view the waterfall from ground level, head up the steep hill on your left-hand side to the top of the trestle. It gives you a beautiful vantage point of both the trestle and waterfall from above…that is if you have the courage to cross the trestle.

For an area that’s literally in the middle of the city, it’s a stunning example of the beauty Port Alberni offers its residents and visitors.

While You Are in the Area

Another great place for a stroll is Maplehurst Trails, which also follows Kitsuksis Creek.

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A beautiful waterfall and trestle walk in Port Alberni following the Kitsuksis Creek. Vancouver Island View.


  1. Don’t not hike on railway trestle !! Private property! Persons. Trespassing will be prosecuted felony offence

  2. Joyce Nordwall Reply

    What a beautiful presentation, Kim, with the Autumn colours. I have forwarded it to several friends and a couple, who hope to retire to this area.
    Many thanks
    🌹 Joyce in Victoria

  3. I LOVE your Day Hikes, Kim. Thanks so much for writing these newsletters! Don.

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