Whether you are near the ocean or exploring inland, look to the sky at dusk and you will almost always see amazing sunsets on Vancouver Island.

We often get emails from tourists, who have an upcoming trip planned here, asking, “Where can I find the best sunsets while visiting Vancouver Island?”.

The honest answer is, almost everywhere!

Vancouver Island sunsets are magnificent. Vancouver Island View

Head out at dusk on any given day and you can typically find a beautiful sunset. (If you are willing to get out of bed before the crack of dawn, the sunrises are pretty spectacular too!)

I have never lived in a place, nor travelled somewhere that gets more amazing sunsets than Vancouver Island does. (Okay, yes, Hawaii gets some pretty great ones too).

It’s the range of colours we get here that are awe-inspiring. One night you look to the sky and see it lit up with deep hues of pink and purple, and then the next it glows brightly with shades of orange.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a great sunset. Personally, I feel the best sunsets on Vancouver Island are when a multitude of colours are spread out before you. These are the ones that literally take your breath away.

This is why, during our Spring Photo Contest, we received so many spectacular sunset views from a variety of locations around the island.

Below you’ll find a few (ahem) of our favourites from all those we received from that contest. (Okay, there are a little more than a few…it was just so hard to narrow it down!).

Let the photos inspire you to get out and enjoy the view too.

Hint: Hover over the image to find the location, as well as the name of the photographer.

As mentioned, you can find the best sunsets on Vancouver Island pretty much anywhere. You just have to head outside!

Sunset Photo Gallery

  • 1 – Cortez Island by Callie Smith
  • 2 – Parksville Beach by Carole Nelson
  • 3 – Deep Bay by Charlene Gray
  • 4 – Cowichan Bay by Denise Reich
  • 5 – Botany Bay by Jenne Richardson
  • 6 – Jack Point by Jennifer Laver
  • 7 – Tofino by Julie Long
  • 8 – Campbell River by Kevin Brooks
  • 9 – Shelter Beach by Louise Vile
  • 10 – North Nanaimo by Marianne Nothstein
  • 11 – Lantzville by Paige Barney
  • 12 – Nanaimo by Sean Morris
  • 13 – Craig Bay by Valerie Lyons

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Where to find amazing sunset views on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island View

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